Rihanna’s red carpet look, you know the one we’re taling about – CFDA awards, sheer floor lenghth dress, sparkles – was generally a hit with fashionistas, not to mention it was such a big hit that we’re still talking about it two days later.

Rihanna, CFDA Awards
The outfit caused some controversy online.

You know when something causes even the barest hint of controversy (get it? bare?) you can bet a Family Guy parody isn’t far behind. Did they really have to put Peter in the sparkly sheer gown though? That’s really not a look for everyone. In fact, we’re fairly convinced that Rihanna is the only person alive, who could have pulled it off.

Unfortunately, it looks like Peter Griffin won’t be wearing RiRi’s Fashion Icon Award outfit in a full episode – apparently the picture, tweeted by TBS was just a one of jab at the singer’s fashion sense.

"That awkward moment when you and your bestie are wearing the same thing. #OneOfUsNeedsToChange," says the TV network's tweet.

Family Guy Still
Looks like Rihanna has some fans on the Family Guy team.

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For her part, Rihanna wasn’t fazed. In fact the Peter Griffin picture is now her twitter avatar. It’s sort of funny, given that Rihanna recently quit instagram over the same nudity issue, when the app took down her cover photo for the French magazine Lui, just because the singer appeared nude from the waist up.

This time, RiRi even posted a side-by-side collage of herself and Peter Griffin rocking the same outfit, adding the caption “He gets it.”

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Who wore it better?