Well, Rihanna sure knows how to attract attention to a good cause… among other things.

The singer showed off her charitable spirit in a very revealing Red Nose Day tee – and very little else. She also showed off her nipple ring, so you can probably tell which one has been attracting more attention. In the picture, Rihanna is wearing a T-shirt, designed by Stella Mccartney for the big day, which features an image of Marilyn Monroe with a pair of oversized glasses and... you guessed it, a red nose. And - not that the picture really needs any added sexiness - but the red lipstick and suggestive pout probably don’t hurt. McCartney herself tweeted the picture, adding: “Thank you @Rihanna for supporting @rednoseday! You’re the best x Stella #RND”. She probably isn’t the only one to think so, after the risqué image hit the web.

Rihanna Red Nose Day Nipple Ring

The Rude Boy singer showing off her nipple ring under Red Nose Day T-Shirt

Rihanna is only the latest in an impressive lineup of celebrities, who have modelled the line of T-shirts, currently on sale at TK Maxx. Cameron Diaz, Eddie Redmayne and Kate Moss have also lent their support to the campaign, but somehow we have the feeling that RiRi’s contribution will remain the most memorable one, for this year at least. What do you think, Red Nose Day themed lingerie next time?