Rihanna spends £30,000 a week on her appearance.

The 'Diamonds' hitmaker reportedly splashes out on a string of experts, including a dermatologist, tanner and personal eyelash technician, to be available whenever she needs them in order to look good around the clock.

A source said: ''Her eyelash expert is on call 24/7. It's not unusual for Rihanna to call at 11pm before a night out.

''She gets laser skin tightening, oxygen facials, photo facials, even the infamous vampire facials. It's not just her face, she gets laser treatments on her body too.

''[From her tanner], she gets her thighs contoured using the airbrush tanning and he's also an expert on highlighting her abs too.''

As well as paying the dermatologist £6,000 a week to be on call, £3,000 to her lash expert and £500 a day to the tanner, Rihanna also splurges £1,500 a day having a hair stylist travel the world with her and pays make-up artist Mylah Morales £2,000 a week.

The source added to LOOK magazine: ''She has round-the-clock hair experts. Then there's the actual hair. She only wears human hair that has never been processed - her latest look cost about $7,000. It is her most important accessory.

''Rihanna likes to change her make-up with every outfit and sometimes she'll change up to five times. Mylah is always there to help her make-up and wardrobe coordinate.''