Rihanna thinks her baby boy is "amazing".

The 34-year-old singer gave birth to her first child with ASAP Rocky in May, and she's "cherished" the time that she's spent with her son.

The 'Work' hitmaker shared: "He’s amazing, he's a happy baby."

Rihanna also revealed that seeing her baby boy in the morning is one of the highlights of her day.

Discussing the best part of being a mom, Rihanna told 'Entertainment Tonight': "Oh my god, the mornings, like, seeing his morning face! Seeing a baby with, like, little bags and waking up and they're just, like, startled. They're trying to figure out where they’re at. It's the cutest, it's my favourite part of the day."

The chart-topping star also recently revealed that her baby boy inspired her to perform at the Super Bowl in 2023.

Rihanna admitted that motherhood has changed her outlook on life, even prompting her to accept the invitation to perform the Super Bowl halftime show.

She shared: "I feel like it was now or never, really. There’s this weird s*** that happens when you become a mom, that you just unleash or unlock other parts of your superpower, you feel like you can take on or you could do anything.

"I wanted to take on the challenge and I wanted to do something that would force me to get back onstage."

Rihanna confessed to relishing the challenge of motherhood, too.

She said: "It is crazy. It is amazing. It’s wild. It’s weird. It’s all of those things, all at once. The best feeling. The most love I’ve ever known.

"I can’t describe it. It’s new. It’s fascinating. Every step, every facial expression, every new milestone. I love it."