Rihanna's stylist says ''the higher the heel, the better you feel.''

Lysa Cooper is responsible for Rihanna's good-girl-gone-bad image and has encouraged the star to boost her confidence by donning skyscraper heels.

Speaking in a StyleCore video from YouTube channel StyleHaul, Lysa said: ''The higher the heel, the better you feel. Once you put your shoes on, you never take them off. Ride through the pain!''

The celebrity stylist also urged Rihanna to ditch the ''trap that a lot of black women have'' and chop her hair into a pixie crop last year.

Lysa has worked with the likes of Beyonce, Bruno Mars and Shakira, but she still likes to focus on her own personal style, admitting she ''obsessively'' loves sunglasses.

She said: ''I obsessively love sunglasses. The second you're attached, they disappear.''

The stylist - who has worked for the stage, music videos, red carpets and commercials - also revealed she owns ''too many sweat pants'' and shared her top secret to finding out your true trouser size.

Lysa explained: ''Sometimes with pants - it's a little weird - you take the pants waist and you put it around your neck to make sure it goes all the way around with the pinch in the back. That's usually your pant size.''