Rihanna 's no stranger to a tattoo needle and the 'Umbrella' singer has added a new design to her existing collection, according to E! Online, reporting on Friday (March 16, 2012). The latest addition to her body art is a small crucifix on her collar bone, below her 'rebelle fleur' tattoo that she has had for some time. The new tattoo was done by Bang Bang, her favourite Nyc tattooist.
Rhi-Rhi's tattooist of choice, Bang Bang sent her a message on Friday, via Twitter, that read "I'm coming to get u" and later added a photo of the crucifix tat, with a message that read "New cross tattoo I put on rihanna last night". In an interview with US Weekly, Bang Bang revealed that he cut the ink with water, so that it appears paler than normal tattoos, as with the "rebelle fleur" ink on her neck. He also revealed that Rihanna has a tendency to get over-excited every time she gets a new design done: "She always flips out" he revealed "and jumps up and down like a 16-year-old girl getting her first car." Bang Bang has a number of celebrity clients on his list and he has also tattooed the likes of Katy Perry, Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens.Tupac="" shakur-related="" tattoo="" across="" her="" knuckles.="" the="" white="" reads="" life="" spelled="" out="" over="" fingers="" in="" reference="" to="" same="" words="" tattooed="" on="" his="" stomach.="">