Billboard chart-topper Rihanna is making the foray into the worlds of beauty, fashion and television by hosting her own reality show that challenges designers to make outfits for celebrities. Sound a bit too much like Project Runway? Well, that's because it is, but then there's the celebrity thing. Of course. 

Premiering in late 2013, 'Styled to Rock' will see 12 aspiring designers handpicked by the Grammy-award winner. They will be tasked with styling a celebrity guest on each episode (don't tell us: Katy Perry?) with Rihanna and the VIP choosing who should progress to the next round. "Fashion has always played an integral part in my life and career. I am so excited to partner with Style Network and share my creative insight with these 12 designers and give them this opportunity to showcase their work," Rihanna, 24, said in a statement. The series will be a version of the show of the same name that the singer road-toasted over the summer. Airing on Sky Living, that show featured Pussycat Dolls star Nicola Roberts, British fashion designer Henry Holland and Rihanna's stylist Lysa Cooper.

Despite her recent Billboard chart success with Unapologetic, it appears Rihanna is continuing to spread her wings in the entertainment industry and it's not difficult to envisage her filling a similar role to Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum on their respective model and fashion reality shows.

The 'Diamonds' singer recently concluded with a controversial seven-date globe-trotting tour, which descended into farce when hundreds of invited journalists got pretty bored and Rihanna decided to stay in her private room.