A football song Rik Mayall recorded for the World Cup 2010 has reached the UK top 10 this week. Fans started a campaign to put the song back into the charts as a tribute to the comedian, who died on June 9 from an “acute cardiac event.”

Rik Mayall Noble EnglandRik Mayall, pictured back centre, was known for his work on The Young Ones and Bottom

Mayall recorded the song, titled “Noble England,” four years ago and fans began to buy it again after his sad passing. The music video for the song features Mayall as a disgruntled pub worker who heads into the ladies toilet and transforms into a Shakespearean character before reciting a speech adapted from Shakespeare’s Henry V. The play tells the story of King Henry V of England and the events which took place before and after the famous Battle of Agincourt.

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At the time he recorded the song, Mayall said: “That battle was basically very few Englishmen against the rest of the world. When you hear the speech it makes you go, ‘Yeah, right, bring’ em on, let’s do it,’ rather than, ‘How nice, what a lovely piece of poetry.’”

Rik Mayall Noble EnglandRik Mayall, right, tragically died at the age of just 56 years old on June 9

"Noble England" appeared at number seven in the official UK singles chart and is particularly timely with the 2014 World Cup currently underway. “On, on you noble English!” Mayall urges in the song, which will no doubt become an unofficial anthem of this year’s sporting event and a fitting tribute to the comedian who died aged just 56 years old.

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Click here to watch the official video for Rik Mayall's song "Noble England"