Rock legend Ringo Starr is delighted his son Zak Starkey has temporarily joined Oasis because they have one important thing in common - they are both influenced by THE Beatles.

The OCTOPUS'S GARDEN hitmaker - who was drafted in to replace original drummer Pete Best just before the FAB FOUR found international fame - believes Zak intends to stay with reformed band The Who, but is glad he's taken the opportunity to play with the Live Forever rockers too.

And Ringo credits his acclaimed band's legacy for bringing his son and Noel Gallagher together.

He says, "I'm really pleased for him - but he is a good drummer.

"I don't think he's joining them full-time as he's still with The Who, but you'll have to ask him. Oasis were clearly influenced by The Beatles, and Zak was also influenced by The Beatles - as I'm his dad."

25/05/2004 13:54