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23rd December 2015

Tweet: "Are you ready Christmas Eve 12:01 AM we are coming to you from out of the blue peace and love peace love... I am excited I hope you are too peace and love strawberry fields forever." Beatles drummer Ringo Starr celebrates the release of the Fab Four's back catalogue on music streaming services.

25th November 2015

Quote: "You have to listen to it. There are so many emotional moments in her performance. It is fabulous." Ringo Starr is a big fan of Adele's new single Hello.

7th July 2015

Tweet: "Happiest of birthdays to @ringostarrmusic on this special day. It's my Dad's too - he would have been 113!" Sir Paul McCartney sends his best wishes to his former Beatles bandmate Ringo Starr as he marks his 75th birthday on Tuesday (07Jul15).

2nd April 2015

Quote: "I have a trainer who comes three times a week and just listens to me moan... and I keep fit and keep moving... and I do watch what I eat. I am a vegetarian... I can't eat crazy food. I'm highly allergic to onions and garlic and spices... I've never had a pizza, never had a curry." Rocker Ringo Starr's allergies help him stay healthy.

1st April 2015

Tweet: "Peace and love to Julian Lennon God bless Cynthia love Ringo and Barbara." Ringo Starr offers his support to John Lennon's eldest son following the death of his mother on Wednesday (01Apr15).

1st April 2015

Quote: "They're under a lot of pressure... Compared to them, we were on holiday - and we could go on holiday... But now, you cannot move. Someone is on the phone (camera), they're photographing you and filming you... (but) I don't think this will stop One Direction." Ringo Starr on Zayn Malik's decision to quit One Direction.

29th December 2014

Fact: Beatles veteran Ringo Starr is to release a new album in 2015. The currently untitled project will be his 18th studio record and his first new release in two years.

17th December 2014

Quote: "I am, I definitely am. I'm really excited about that..." Sir Paul McCartney is looking forward to honouring his former The Beatles bandmate Ringo Starr with the Award for Musical Excellence at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony next year (15). The drummer will become the last member of The Beatles to be saluted by organisation bosses as a solo artist.

14th June 2013

Quote: "We only once called each other. The offer was just incredible... There was a couple of people who thought they could get us out there and give us a billion bucks, or whatever, but it's not what we were ever about." Ringo Starr admits the Beatles only briefly considered a reunion in the mid-1970s.

25th April 2013

Quote: "This is one of the best gigs anyone could possibly have... You travel the same way that Ringo does, you stay in the same hotels that Ringo does - you are essentially a Beatle! In Nagoya (in Japan), when we got off the train we were mobbed as if we were Beatles. It's just a lot of fun." Veteran rocker Todd Rundgren loved touring the world as part of Ringo Starr's All-Starr Band.

22nd March 2013

Tweet: "Congratulations Well Done beatle boys. Please please me. The start of it all. Peace and love R". Beatles drummer Ringo Starr marks the 50th anniversary of the Fab Four's debut release on Friday (22Mar13).

9th July 2012

Quote: "It's just another number, isn't it? You know, that's how it is - it used to be just two years. Ooh, now five. Now 40..." Ringo Starr has no plans to mark the 50th anniversary of the Beatles' debut single Love Me Do later this year (12).

27th June 2012

Quote: "I've said from day one I'm not doing the Olympics unless I do a sprint... I know my son's closing it (Olympics) with The Who." Ringo Starr insists he won't be joining his former Beatles bandmate Paul McCartney for his Olympics opening ceremony concert.

18th May 2012

Quote: "I've been asked to write my autobiography and really they only want 8 years (1962-1970), and I keep saying it would be five volumes before I even got into the band!" The Beatles drummer Ringo Starr rules out writing a memoir because he has too much to say.

27th March 2012

Quote: "When we were in the Beatles, George brought me this kit of, like, 15 drums. When it came time to do a fill, I couldn't hit anything. It was too confusing. I said, 'F**k it, take these away!'" Ringo Starr didn't appreciate bandmate Harrison's gift.

27th March 2012

Fact: Ringo Starr will celebrate his 72nd birthday onstage at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville on 7 July (12). The gig will mark Starr's first performance on the famed country music stage.

26th March 2012

Quote: "The main thing is not to be afraid of that, to get to a place where you'll go gracefully, not screaming and kicking up a fuss." Ringo Starr offers up his thoughts on death.

3rd February 2012

Quote: "He didn't actually give us it; he was in the room... when it was arranged that someone else would bring some stuff. We got high and we laughed our a**es off." Ringo Starr confirms the rock 'n' roll myth that Bob Dylan introduced the Beatles to marijuana.

3rd February 2012

Quote: "I used to invite George every time and he'd say, 'You'd have to give me all the money!' And Paul's always busy." Ringo Starr admits he has tried to recruit his Beatles bandmates for his All-Star Band over the years.

3rd February 2012

Quote: "Every night there's a moment that I just wanna go back to bed. I just get nervous. Then I run on (stage) and as soon as I grab the mic then I'm fine." Ringo Starr still suffers from a little stagefright before every gig.

2nd February 2012

Quote: "I get on with kids and I feel that's because I am one." Ringo Starr on his affinity for children.

31st January 2012

Fact: British funnyman Russell Brand interviewed Beatles legend Ringo Starr for a special radio broadcast in Hollywood on Monday (30Jan12). The pair chatted about George Harrison and Eric Clapton during SiriusXM's Town Hall show.

31st January 2012

Fact: Ringo Starr was among the music fans cheering on Paul MCCartney's son James as he performed at the Viper Room in Hollywood on Sunday night (29Jan12).

19th July 2011

Fact: Beatles legend Ringo Starr launched his latest art exhibition in Vienna, Austria over the weekend (16-17Jul11). The drummer began experimenting with painting in the 1990s, but now uses computers to create digital pieces, and he launched his latest collection at the G-Pop gallery in Vienna in a show called The Art Of Ringo Starr.

10th July 2011

Quote: "I'm nervous ahead of every gig. I feel like running away three seconds before I'm due on stage. But I'm all right as soon as I get the mic in my hand." Even after 50 years in the spotlight, Beatles legend Ringo Starr still gets stage fright.

7th July 2011

Tweet: "Happy Birthday Ringo! Peace and Love! lots of love from yoko" John Lennon's widow Yoko Ono wishes Ringo Starr well on his 71st birthday. The former Beatle celebrates his big day on Thursday (07Jul11).

27th May 2011

Quote: "I'm listening to Plan B and I love Mumford and Sons' record. I don't usually buy CDs though, I buy tracks on iTunes." Ringo Starr keeps up to date with modern music and the latest technology.

4th April 2011

Quote: "I'm escorting Kate down the aisle, hooking her up with the Prince." Ringo Starr jokes about his involvement in the upcoming royal wedding.

24th February 2011

Quote: "My aunt used to babysit Ringo. And he was a monster, apparently!" Sex And The City star Kim Cattrall reveals her little-known link to Ringo Starr. The actress was born in Liverpool, England - the former Beatles star's home city.

22nd September 2010

Quote: "I'd like to be in a man band, but with Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and Keith Richards. We'd have a rocky edge." Enrique Iglesias names his ideal collaborators.

8th July 2010

Fact: Ringo Starr showed he's still a hippie at heart on his 70th birthday on Wednesday (07Jul10) - he was presented with a cake decorated with flowers and the iconic Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament symbol at a party in New York's Times Square.

28th June 2010

Fact: The Beatles drummer Ringo Starr was inducted into the Mohegan Sun Hall of Fame on Sunday night (27Jun10) prior to his gig at the Connecticut casino's indoor arena.

7th June 2010

Quote: "People were screaming at me to sign scratch boards of guitars and then I'd see it on eBay for $3,000... so I decided that day, I'm gonna end it on my website... On reflection, I could've done it nicer, but it was the mood I was in." Ringo Starr on his 2009 decision not to sign any more autographs.

26th January 2010

Fact: Ringo Starr will become the first BEATLE To turn 70 in July (10).

18th January 2010

Quote: "I've never called him 'Sir' and I'm afraid it'll be a cold day in hell when I do." Ringo Starr refuses to call former Beatles bandmate Paul McCartney by his proper title.

7th January 2010

Quote: "The game is great, the graphics are great. I haven't played it. I've tried. I get too crazy watching that guitar arm and the things coming towards you." Ringo Starr has yet to master videogame Rock Star: The Beatles.

10th June 2009

Quote: "So much has been written about me doing a collaboration with Bob or me doing a collaboration with Ringo and Bob. But that is not happening yet. We're nowhere near. I did say I wanted to work with Bob but that was ages ago and he hasn't been in touch. I can't contact him, (and say), 'Hey Bob, what's happening? Where's the party?'" Sir Paul McCartney clears up reports about his upcoming collaborations with Bob Dylan and Ringo Starr.

25th April 2009

Fact: The pink dress worn by Madonna in the promo for her 1985 hit MATERIAL GIRL is expected to fetch $120,000 (£80,000) when it goes up for auction on Tuesday (28Apr09). The frock will go under the hammer as part of the Fame Bureau's Rock 'n' Roll Art and Soul online sale which also lists a Beatles bass drum skin once owned by Ringo Starr.

5th April 2009

Quote: "They'd lost a lot of fingers and noses because of leprosy... and you know you're in a strange country when you go to India, it's not like France or Denmark." Former BEATLE Ringo Starr found it difficult to come to terms with life in poverty-stricken India during a trip to the south Asian country in the 1960s.

17th January 2009

Quote: "You don't call him RINGO if you know him. You call him RICHARD, or he'll come at you with a pitchfork." CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM star Richard Lewis on former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr and his hatred of his rock pseudonym.

15th January 2009

Quote: "I would love to work with Ringo again. We don't rule it out... He's a great drummer, and we're used to each other." Sir Paul McCartney is fired up about the prospect of reuniting with surviving Beatles bandmate Ringo Starr.

16th July 2008

Fact: Former Beatles drummer Pete Best, who was famously replaced by Ringo Starr in 1962, is set to release his first ever solo album at the age of 66.

8th July 2008

Quote: "It's very difficult. I used to say Rain, but there is Day in The Life. There's Drive My Car. I mean, there's too many tracks really. I've never been able to like say, that one, you know?" Ringo Starr can't decide on his favourite Beatles song.

5th May 2008

Quote: "I learned to knit in hospital. They give you stuff to do to keep you busy because you're so ill." Ringo Starr on picking up his knitting skills during a long spell in hospital as a child.

5th May 2008

Quote: "I'm left handed and I'm playing a right handed kit... That's why everyone thought, 'Wow, he's a genius,' but all I was doing was trying to play backwards... It's one of those mad accidents, you can't learn it." Ringo Starr on the secret to his drumming skills.

5th May 2008

Quote: "We always say GEORGE fought for me because someone would say, 'What are you doing with him?' and George would shout back... He wasn't always a guru." Ringo Starr on George Harrison's support when he joined the Beatles full-time and sparked fights at early Liverpool, England concerts.

14th February 2008

Fact: Former BEATLE Ringo Starr has recruited ex-Men At Work singer Colin Hay, Edgar Winter and BILLY SQUIER to join his ALL STARR BAND for the supergroup's 10th annual tour. Starr spends a portion of every summer touring with a rotating line-up of celebrity pals.

9th February 2008

Quote: "The good news is your boy is working." Ex-BEATLE Ringo Starr is proud his son Zak Starkey drums for Oasis and THE WHO.

25th January 2008

Quote: "It was probably the only time he played to 70 million people." Ringo Starr on magician FRED KAPS, who performed after the Beatles' fabled performance on America's ED SULLIVAN SHOW in 1964.

21st January 2008

Quote: "When we did that BEATLES ANTHOLOGY, the guy interviewing me asked me about the second time we played Shea (Stadium - in New York), and I was like, `What? We played it twice?' I had no memory of the second time." Ringo Starr has a bad memory.

19th January 2008

Quote: "Take Johnny Cash's last CD, I couldn't even play it. He just sounded so frail... If I was ever down, tough, I'd put on Leonard Cohen. Then you know you aren't that down." Former BEATLE Ringo Starr found Cash's AMERICAN V: A HUNDRED HIGHWAYS a difficult listen.

18th January 2008

Fact: Ringo Starr's new tune HARRY'S SONG is a tribute to the former beatle's late pal, singer HARRY NILSSON.

17th January 2008

Quote: "It was the worst track we ever had to record. It went on for f**king weeks. I thought it was mad." Ringo Starr remembers how difficult it was recording MAXWELL'S SILVER HAMMER for THE Beatles's ABBEY ROAD album.

13th January 2008

Fact: Former BEATLE Ringo Starr helped to kick off celebrations in his native Liverpool, England, on Friday (11Jan08) after the city was named European Capital of Culture. The event also saw a performance from former Eurythmics star DAVE STEWART.

4th November 2007

Fact: Ringo Starr will pay tribute to the area of Liverpool in which he grew up by titling his new album and single LIVERPOOL 8.

27th June 2007

Quote: "We thought we'd be really big in Liverpool." Ringo Starr never imagined the Beatles would become a world-famous supergroup.

27th April 2007

Fact: Madonna, Ringo Starr and Halle Berry were among the celebrities who sent beloved US TV host Regis Philbin get-well gifts as he recovered from a heart operation. Madonna and Berry sent him luxury bathrobes, while former Beatle Starr sent the TV star a basket of apples.

19th November 2006

Quote: "They said do what you want, because if we don't like it, no-one will hear it." Sir Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono and Olivia Harrison gave legendary Beatles producer SIR GEORGE MARTIN an ultimatum over new Beatles album, LOVE.

11th October 2006

Fact: A gold and silver chess set modelled on the hands of Beatles drummer Ringo Starr is on display at the Takashimaya department store in Tokyo, Japan, and can be snapped up for 4.15 million yen ($35,000/GBP19,400). The set was commissioned by late Beatle George Harrison in 1973.

26th May 2006

Quote: "She's a lovely girl." Former BEATLE Ringo Starr when quizzed on Heather Mills, who recently split from his ex-bandmate Sir Paul McCartney.

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