Rita Ora and Taika Waititi have revealed they first got together at friend's birthday party in Australia.

The couple - who are rumoured to have married in secret over the summer - have opened up about their romance in a new video for Vogue in which they allowed cameras to follow them for a whole day during a trip to Dusseldorf, Germany for the publication's '24 Hours With' series.

During the film they were asked about the start of the romance, and they admitted they didn't have a formal first date with pop star Rita saying: " It was more like a party date rather than a sit down dinner like date."

They went on to explain they had actually known each other for several years before they became a couple after first meeting in Los Angeles and then keeping in touch.

Rita added: "We met in LA and it was through friends and it was amazing. Very casual. And then we stayed friends for like four or five years. And it was amazing to kind of get to know you, I think and just feel no pressure. And just, don't know it was just a more natural thing."

The 32-year-old 'Hot Right Now' star then revealed they got together while they were both working in Australia as things "clicked" when they attended a friend's birthday party together.

Rita went on: "We were both in Australia doing two separate jobs and we didn't really know that many people in Australia so we just hung out and that was it. We went to a friend's birthday party and that's when everything clicked."

Movie director Taika, 47, went on to explain one of the things he loves about Rita is the way she gives incredibly thoughtful presents.

He said: "I think we are both romantic. Rita is ... like she's incredible at gifting. And like thinking about someone, me, ahead of time and planning gifts and things and I'm getting better at that. "

The singer added of her present-buying skills: "There's love languages right. And so for me my love language is you know, words. Word affirmations ... And gifting. Who doesn't love gifting? I guess for me I like to reenforce the act of love in many different ways, and to me gifts are something you can keep forever, and if they have a meaning, a personal touch ... I basically gift people how I want to be gifted."

The couple hasn't confirmed whether they did tie the knot this year, but Rita previously opened up about her future plans in an interview with Louis Theroux for his new BBC series 'Louis Theroux Interviews ... '

In the film - said to have been shot before the couple are rumoured to have married - Rita said: "Getting engaged has definitely been a conversation. I'm happy ... Getting married is something I've dreamed of since I was a kid, and he definitely is a great human. He's awesome, I've reached a point where I'm very much contained and settled."