Rita Ora is back on the big screen in sequel Fifty Shades Darker and this time things are even steamier.

The singer turned actress plays Mia Grey, the sister of Jamie Dornan’s S&M loving millionaire Christian Grey, in the erotic franchise, a role which ‘luckily’ means she missed out on doing any ‘crazy sex scenes’.

Rita OraRita Ora stars as Mia in Fifty Shades Darker

Speaking about the difference between the new film and its predecessor at the Los Angeles premiere, Ora said: “We got dark. I mean Dakota and Jamie definitely got darker so we’ll see how it goes. I play Mia so luckily I didn't have any crazy sex scenes.”

The sequel delves even more into the decadent, world of Christian and Ora was just happy to be part of the experience of bringing the book to life. “Being a part of the whole thing, the masquerade ball, seeing when Jamie goes missing and we all think he's passed away and we’re in the house and we’re stressing out…

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“It’s real life you know, you really have to manifest that’s really happening and it’s just so cool to see everybody and know how hard we worked and that we really just kind of did it,” she said.

“Being a part of the movie for me was such a turnaround, working with a cast who’s fantastic and also experiencing set life was awesome,” Ora continued. “So I'm happy to be a part of it since I'm such a fan of the book.”

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