Rita Ora wants to make sure all children have an ''incredible environment'' to ''be a kid and grow in''.

The 'Girls' hitmaker moved to London as a young child when her parents fled her home country of Kosovo to avoid persecution in the early 90s, and has said she's thankful she was able to live her childhood as a ''carefree kid'', as it has allowed her to ''cherish'' the memories from her younger years.

In a post on Instagram alongside pictures of herself as a kid, Rita wrote: ''Hi guys. I guess the reason for this post is to show you guys when I was little in the summer of July 1994. I guess I just felt free watching this and wanted to share. Why did I love the camera so much! Even as a kid! I hope this makes you smile, just watching a life of a young carefree kid.

''This is what everyone deserves, a chance to have a good life and an opportunity to be happy. The simple things of feeling safe going to a park eating an ice cream BEING A CAREFREE KID. Those are the memories we cherish. These are the moments that build us to who we become as adults. Let's give people an incredible environment to be a kid in and grow in. (sic)''

Rita admitted she did face racism as a refugee growing up in London, and slammed those who are prejudiced toward others based on the colour of their skin.

And the 'Let Me Love You' singer, 29, urged people to ''give kids a place to feel free in'' so they can grow up without facing prejudice.

She added: ''When my parents decided to move to England from Kosovo it was hard. I remember I had to see and witness certain things just so I could fit in, just so the refugee girl can cooperate with the girls in the skipping rope game in the playground (that's what I used to call it!), but when I was in that park I was free.

''Racism, how immigrants and refugees are treated! We can't be justified by the colour of our skin or where we are from, we are one race. The human race. Anyway I love you guys, that's just my 2 cents. I hope you smile today. Give kids a place to feel free in. Thank you. Yours forever Rita. (sic)''