Rita Ora has "really bad anxiety" but has learned to recognise the signs an attack is coming.

The 'Hot Right Now' hitmaker believes many other stars in the public eye are similarly afflicted, and she's learned to combat her struggles with alternative therapies and Chinese medicine.

Speaking to Evgeny Lebedev on his 'Brave New World' podcast, she said: "I have really bad anxiety, I think anyone in my industry has anxiety to be honest, it is I think now really cool that it's become a conversation and there's days that are better than other days, just like anxiety is, just like having panic attacks.

"I've really learnt now to recognise when it's coming. Before I would still feel like it was foreign, and I would do little things, like in my nervous system around for me is my stomach, I do a lot olf acupuncture around there, and I just breathe and I just lie there for about 20 minutes.

"I do love Chinese medicine, I try and incorporate a lot of different methods, I'm not just a one-person thing."

The 33-year-old singer is "obsessed" with the methods of Wim Hof - which include infrared saunas followed by a cold plunge - and had a "really special" visit from The Ice Man himself, who guided her and husband Taika Waititi through a meditation.

She said: "I actually asked him to come and surprise my husband for his birthday, and my husband isn't as obsessed as I am, and he didn't know he was coming.

"For him to fly in and do this for us was realy special, so we woke up, it was his birthday and in he walked, my jaw dropped.

"I just thought, 'Wow he's real!'' because I've always heard his methods and listened to him online, he's just as crazy and fun as I thought he was going to be.

"He did a 20-minute meditation thing with the breathing, and we lied down in the shade and you couldn't hear anything, just the birds."