Rita Ora says her ''dear friend'' Kate Moss' wardrobe is ''the most amazing'' she has ''ever'' seen.

The 'Poison' singer - who is the new face of Italian lingerie line Tezenis - has revealed the British supermodel's closet is ''a history of fashion'' and she was literally blown away by the clothing inside.

She said: ''The most amazing wardrobe I've ever been in was my dear friend Kate Moss'. She is going to hate me, I won't go into detail, but I will tell you that that was history of fashion right there in one room. It was literally the most amazing thing I've ever seen in my entire life - she is the most amazing person in my world, I love her to bits - but that wardrobe shuts it down.''

Asked if she was allowed to take anything from her pal's wardrobe, the 'X Factor' judge said ''definitely not'' because she ''knows every single item of clothing that is in there''.

She told website Grazia Daily: ''Definitely not! What is so great about her is that she knows every single item of clothing that is in there. SO many clothes but that is why she's the queen of fashion. She loves it, she breathes it. So for her, it's just a memory and it's amazing. For me it's like, 'OMG I remember that picture! I remember that picture!' ''