Rita Ora’s first season as a judge on ‘The Voice’ might not be over for a few weeks yet, but it appears the British singer isn't ready to commit to returning for another run. When asked if fans of the BBC talent show could expect Rita to stick around for next year, the 24 year old declined to give a definitive answer on her future plans.

Rita OraCould Rita's tenure on 'The Voice' soon be over?

"Ooooh. That's THE question..." Ora told a reporter during an open mic night, where show’s remaining contestants performed for record company A&Rs."Let me get through this series first,” she then added.

'The Voice' has certainly had a problem in the past keeping its female judges, with panellist Jessie J lasting two years, followed by Kylie Minogue who managed just one series.

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But according to The Mirror, Ora’s refusal to commit has more to do with her career taking off than anything else. “She has a constantly busy diary with things in the UK, the US and Asia – she just keeps landing amazing gigs,” a source told the newspaper. "There’s no way of knowing what her diary will be like next year yet.”

Having already appeared on the big screen in Fifty Shades of Grey and the small screen in HBO’s ‘Empire’, Ora is also said to be busy working on her second album, while continuing to look at offers from Hollywood.

But back to ‘The Voice’, and earlier this week it seemed former judge Jessie J might having been throwing a little shade the way of Rita and the BBC show during an interview with The Times. While J said she thought Ora was doing a "really good" job on the series, she also added that she believes the judges need to be more critical.

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"There are a few people who were told they were amazing that weren’t No one turned around and afterwards one of the judges said, 'It was so amazing, I can't critique it.' Well why didn't you turn around? Because you're lying,” the singer told the newspaper.

However Rita doesn't appear to have taken the former judges’ comments badly, telling Cosmopolitan, ”Jessie was a coach before me and is still a coach in Australia, so I don't think she'd badmouth the show. Something must have gone wrong in that transaction, you know… it happens."