Rita Ora went back to work in her dad's bar to remind herself of life before fame.

The 22-year-old singer returned to the Queens Arms in Kilburn, north west London, to remember how ''difficult'' her life used to be and appreciate just how far she has come.

Her nail technician, Jazz Smedley, said: ''I've done manicures for Rita Ora - she's so lovely.

''She told me how hard she'd worked to become successful and about helping out in her dad's bar when she was younger.

''She said she went back for a day after she 'made it' to remind herself how difficult it was.

''She's really inspired me to keep pushing myself as hard as I can in my career.''

Jazz has worked with a host of stars, including Little Mix and model Cara Delevingne, and insists they have stayed down-to-earth.

She told Look magazine: ''Cara's really bubbly - she's amazing. She walks in the door and you absolutely know she's there.

''She's really chatty and would talk to anyone.''