Rita Ora's new album has been inspired by Taika Waititi.

The 31-year-old singer started dating the acclaimed filmmaker in 2021, and their recent wedding is said to have been a major inspiration for her upcoming third album.

A source explained: "Rita has poured her heart and soul into this album.

"After her last record she decided to learn how to produce and has effectively taken on the role of executive producer.

"The majority of the songs have been written by her and tell the story of going from party girl to settling down with Taika."

Rita - who released her last album, 'Phoenix', in 2018 - hopes to release her new record in 2023.

However, she's still been working on new material over recent weeks.

The insider told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "The plan is to release the album in the first half of 2023, but nothing is set in stone.

"During her recent trip to New Zealand she snuck into a studio and recorded another song, so it’s not in the can just yet."

Meanwhile, Rita recently revealed that her friends and family have helped her through the tough moments in her career.

The singer contemplated quitting the music industry at one point in time - but the support of her friends convinced Rita to carry on.

She shared: "I’ve felt like quitting. I was like, ‘Is this worth it? What am I doing?’ As I got more famous, I understood that people look up to you.

"You become a role model and sometimes you are not ready for that because you only wanted to make music. Now you are being followed by millions of people. So psychologically it is really intense.

"You have to stay true to your friends who you have known for years."