Rita Ora's new single is a "full circle moment" for the pop star.

The 33-year-old singer has released 'Ask and You Shall Receive' ahead of her appearance at the Mighty Hoopla Festival in London, and Rita loves that the "upbeat" single was co-written by Raye.

Rita - who is set to perform at the festival on Sunday (02.06.24) - explained: "The song is full of upbeat, summery vibes and is about seizing the moment romantically, and diving straight in with that special someone.

"It was co-written by the amazing Raye, which feels like such a full circle moment, as I have so many amazing memories from when we were on the road together for the Phoenix tour."

Rita's new music video was shot in a 24-hour laundromat in Los Angeles, and the concept was inspired by the iconic 1985 Levis commercial starring Nick Kamen.

Rita released her last album, 'You and I', back in 2023, and the pop star previously explained how it differed from her earlier releases.

The 'Don't Think Twice' hitmaker - who married filmmaker Taika Waititi in 2022 - told GQ magazine: "[With the album, I’m] capturing this moment in my life where I’m falling in love. There are things I talk about on it, very personal thoughts, about what it took for me to decide on this person, and to commit to him.

"With this album, I’ve just been very brave and confident. I’ve written a lot of songs on this album, I've been in every session, and if not, I've altered songs to fit me. I've never done that before with any album: really done all the work and written every single song or been a part of every single song process."