Rita Ora takes between three and four hours to get ready for a red carpet event.

The 24-year-old singer admits that her routine even involves having a ''freak out'' because she sometimes gets nervous and she also makes sure to get a proper sleep the night before.

She told PEOPLE: ''It takes me a good three and a half to four hours [to get ready] because I like to have breaks, eat a bit of food, have a freak out and then I calm down again.

''I have a good sleep the night before, I get my face mask, I kind of get ready; I do all the obvious stuff.''

She also revealed that because of her constantly changing hairstyles and shade, she has to ''put treatments in every single night - literally''.

And although Rita loves all awards shows, the ones she is happiest at are music awards.

She said: ''The best red carpets to get dressed up for are music ward shows ... I think it's the most stress-free. Doing other award shows - like when I did the Oscars - I was so stressed out. It's not specifically my world, so you feel more pressure.''