The Black Widow hitmaker was unveiled as the company's new spokesmodel on Wednesday (22Jul15) as she performed on the runway at the firm's fashion show in Verona, Italy, where she modelled a black sequinned bra from Tezenis' new autumn/winter (15) collection.

Ora admits she jumped at the chance to front the underwear line because it gave her the chance to fill up her closet with well-fitting underwear for her busty bosom.

She says, "It's my first underwear endorsement. I get offered a lot of things and I don't say yes unless I really like them, but this is really good underwear, dude.

"My t**s are kind of big, so when I have underwear it never matches. The straps are fat and it's not hot, but this is good because it's supportive and has no padding and thin straps. They have all shapes and sizes, but they have options for bigger sizes."

However, Ora, 24, admits she hasn't always loved her figure after developing her curves at a young age.

She tells Grazia Daily, "I started maturing when I was 14 and so for me, I hated my boobs, and I went to musical theatre school, so we wore leotards and did ballet. I was the first one to have t**s and I hated them until the hottest guy fancied me and then I liked them!

"Then I got older and started to embrace my body. It takes a while though."