Rita Ora thinks she can be too friendly.

The 'I Will Never Let You Down' hitmaker believes her ''open'' attitude is both her best and worst quality as it can sometimes cause her problems.

She said: ''I'm very open and friendly so sometimes it works in my favour and sometimes it doesn't.

''I like to think I work hard and that I'm respectful of the life I have, my work and my industry.''

Rita likes being a role model for young girls and hopes she can inspire her fans to ''be their best''.

She told UK OK! magazine: ''I want them to be themselves and be able to express themselves through their style.

''My mother has always inspired me - her hard work and ambition taught me a lot.

''My dream is to live the life I love and to create. Just always do your best and believe.

''I hope I'm an inspiration for young people to be their best.

When it comes to her own idols, the 'X Factor' judge dreams of working with Beyonce.

She said: ''My icons are Madonna and Kate Moss, they're beautiful and talented. And it would be a dream to work with Beyonce.''