Rixton's performance at Mall of America on Black Friday was ''pandemonium.''

The four-piece British pop band played at the Minnesota shopping centre on Friday (28.11.14) and were shocked at the huge amount of people who turned out to see them.

Speaking at the Free Radio Live concert at which the band performed on Saturday (29.11.14), lead singer Jake Roche said: ''There were over 1,000 people who came out to see us, which for us, being a UK band heading over there is incredible for us.''

The 'Me and My Broken Heart' hitmakers - comprised of Jake, Charley Bagnall, Lewi Morgan and Danny Wilkin - also explained they found it difficult to comprehend the scale of Mall of America as it is so different to their local shopping centre Lakeside in Essex, South East England.

He continued: ''It was no Lakeside. It was pandemonium. For starters in the shopping mall, there is a theme park, which doesn't make any sense. There are 27 rides in this Mall of America and they are not small rides. They are terrifying.''

The band - who will release their debut album, 'Let the Road', in January - have been spending much of their time in the US for the last few months, but confessed it has been difficult to kick-start their career in the country because it takes so long for music to be played on the radio.

The 22-year-old frontman explained: ''We spend a lot of time over there - everything takes longer in America. In terms of the radio process, you start your song, you service it and it will take three months to hit its pinnacle. It's huge.''

While the guys - who will be supporting 'Love Me Harder' hitmaker Ariana Grande on her tour of North America and Europe in 2015 - are thrilled with the reaction they have been receiving, Jake insists they always look forward to returning to the UK.

He said: ''We have been accepted really well out there and we love it but we love coming home as well, even if it's for just 12 hours.''