Is Rob Kardashian going to law school? Well, he might be, but it doesn't seem as though he's going to the law school that he's told everyone that he's going to. There are conflicting reports currently doing the rounds but a statement from the Usc Gould School of Law, where Mr Kardashian seems to think he's headed would suggest that he may need to go through a few of the formalities associated with going to law school, such as 'filling out an application form.'
Rob may well be used to living in a world where his face is his backstage pass but sadly, when it comes to the world of higher education, he may need to prove his intellectual mettle the traditional way. By filling out an application form. Which he hasn't done yet, according to The Hollywood Reporter. A tweet from the law school said "Rob Kardashian is not coming here, but we wish him luck at law school" and another read "Rob Kardashian hasn't even applied to Usc Law." Thr spoke to the school, who confirmed that they'd not received Rob's forms.
It's a bit of an embarrassing start for Rob, who, presumably is hoping to follow in his late father's footsteps. Robert Kardashian Sr. became renowned for the part that he played in the high profile trial of OJ Simpson, where he worked as OJ's defence attorney, back in 1995. Rob's gone quiet on the matter, preferring to turn his attentions to other worldly matters and tweeting about the best kind of bagel to make.