Rob Kardashian is considering drastic measures to lose weight.

The 28-year-old sock designer has seen his weight balloon in recent years and is reportedly ready to try something as extreme as gastric bypass surgery.

A source said: ''Rob knows that being as large as he is and not being in shape is really unhealthy and not good for his heart.

''He has looked into having gastric bypass surgery. He has tried to get the weight off before and feels that the surgery would be safest and easiest way for him to do so.''

Rob is said to have piled on the pounds after overeating due to ''issues'' he and the family have faced.

The insider added to ''Food is Rob's vice right now and he is intent on beating this through whatever is necessary at this point. Rob's whole problem right now is that he is using food as his substitute to get over his issues.''

His sister Kourtney Kardashian previously admitted the whole family had been ''overcompensating'' for him since their father Robert Kardashian passed away.

She shared: ''Everyone's been overcompensating for him since my dad died, cause he was 16.

''I don't know if it's because he has it so easy, but then also at the same time with what he's going through, I don't want him to feel even more alone.''