Rob Kardashian has been spotted on a handful of 'dates' with Rihanna, despite reportedly being in a relationship with British songstress Rita Ora. The romantic rumors came up in conversation when Rob stopped by Ryan Seacrest's radio show on Tuesday morning (August 28, 2012).
Kardashian was spotted go-karting with Rihanna in Burbank, California, last week, as well as partying with her at Hollywood's Playhouse nightclub. However, when pushed on the subject by Seacrest he immediately backtracked, saying, "It's because Rihanna's a friend, and she is friends with my friend Capricorn, and it was Cap's birthday.We all went out to celebrate our friend's birthday. It was fun. It was a good night". Seems plausible enough: but why is Rob hanging out with Rihanna when he's supposed to be dating Rita Ora (who just happens to look almost identical to his new friend). He told Seacrest, "I'm just a fan. That's all. I'm a big fan.I wish you could buy U.K. albums here". During a recent trip to London, Kardashian was spotted having dinner with Rita, his sister Kim, and her new boyfriend Kanye West.
So it looks as though Rob Kardashian and Rita Ora are a thing of the past, especially since she was spotted partying with Harry Styles of One Direction after her performance in London this week. Harry had reportedly left band-mate Liam Payne's birthday party so he could catch Rita's show.