Rob Lowe has spoken of his relief of having survived his first professional roasting, after he received humorous taunts and jibes at his expense during filming of the upcoming Comedy Central special this weekend.

“I'm just glad there's something left of me,” Lowe told reporters backstage after the filming of the roast in Los Angeles on Saturday (August 27th). “I think I'm in tatters still up there on that stage.”

Rob LoweRob Lowe endured a Comedy Central roasting

For over an hour, 52 year old Lowe was at the mercy of host David Spade and a panel of roasters, including Peyton Manning, ‘Saturday Night Live’s Peter Davidson, comedian Jeffrey Ross and singer Jewel. Together, they raked over all of Lowe’s past indiscretions and embarrassments – including his infamous sex tape, his plastic surgery and his numerous failed TV shows.

“Rob looks great for his age. Many people have wondered if he's had any plastic surgery,” joked Spade, as just one example of what went down. “Those same people have wondered if Caitlyn Jenner has had any plastic surgery.”

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He took the jokes in his stride, even with his wife Sheryl Berkoff and his two adult sons Matthew and John in the audience.

When asked whom he thought was the most effective roaster, Lowe replied that Jewel impressed him the most – because she’s not a professional.

“I thought Jewel crushed,” he said. “The comedians you expect to be great, and they are all great. So when it's somebody like me, I don't do this for a living, Jewel doesn't do it for a living, and Peyton. So I was really, I was blown away with Jewel.”

“They were all so funny, and I just love a good joke. A really well-crafted, good joke,” Lowe said. “To be able to throw it out at everybody in a time when everything's so PC and getting less and less fun, it was a really fun night.”

Comedy Central’s ‘Roast of Rob Lowe’ will air on Labor Day at 10pm ET.

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