Rob Lowe is teaming up with his sons in a brand new show which sees them investigating all kinds of supernatural mysteries from Bigfoot to ghosts. Now that's a sentence we never thought we'd be writing. 'The Lowe Files' is a completely real documentary series, but it's all down to interpretation.

Rob Lowe and his sons Matt and John star in 'The Lowe Files'Rob Lowe and his sons Matt and John star in 'The Lowe Files'

The 53-year-old is swapping acting for paranormal research with his new investigative series 'The Lowe Files' on A&E where he enlists his 20-something-year-old sons Matthew and John to help him uncover the weirdest of mysteries after a lifetime of macabre obsession.

'Since I was a little boy I've loved spooky legends and scary mysteries', he said in the show's official trailer. 'And when I had boys of my own, we bonded over those campfire stories. We debated whether Bigfoot was real or if ghosts really existed, and we swore that one day we would find out those answers together. That day has come.'

Each episode follows a different legend as the Lowe family get deeply into the roots of phenomenon with the help of some of the top paranormal experts and high-tech equipment to capture anything they might experience. They'll be trawling woodlands for Sasquatch, uncovering the truth behind an alleged underwater alien base, exploring a haunted boys' reformatory and contemplating evidence of alien abductions.

Don't think for a minute that this is some kind of spoof show, or that Rob doesn't have genuine beliefs in such things; he opened up to Jimmy Fallon about his experience with a 'wood ape' recently. 'We found ourselves 200 miles into the Ozark Mountains where no human being would ever be at 3 o'clock in the morning, surrounded by creatures that were making this noise which was kind of like [imitates ape noise]', he said on 'The Tonight Show', revealing that he was accompanied by some pretty spooked armed men. 

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'The Lowe Files' premieres tomorrow night (August 2nd 2017) on A&E.