'Angels' hitmaker Robbie Williams believes in angels.

The former Take That star has previously shared his belief in UFOs, and now he's revealed he's a believer in the supernatural spiritual beings who serve God, and confirmed his 1997 hit is religious.

He is quoted by the Daily Star newspaper as saying: “I do believe in angels. That is a religious song. Whether they exist or not, who knows?

“But I believe in Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel. Whether that is fantasy or not, I care not.

They exist in my mind.”

The 48-year-old entertainer also admitted to being fascinated by controversial conspiracy theorist David Icke's, bar his bizarre claims that public figures, including the royal family, are part of a secret lizard illuminati.

Robbie added: “I believe in something, but I don’t know what that something is. I have met David Icke and I did read his books. I found it all fascinating.

“If you take the reptilian agenda out, there’s some interesting nuggets there.

“I had a thought the other day, ‘What if this is all just chaos?’ And that f****** terrified me.

“I’d rather have the conspiracies than just chaos.”

The British star has previously claimed to have spoken with spirits and been visited by aliens.

In 2020, Robbie revealed he and his daughter were "scared" of a ghost in their former UK home.

The 'Rock DJ' hitmaker switched 10-year-old Teddy's bedroom in his and wife Ayda Field's £9 million abode in Wiltshire because he found the room creepy and the youngster was terrified of the space.

Speaking on Instagram Live, Robbie said: "We have got a very, very old property - it is like a thousand years old.

"There is one room that I am suspicious of. It gives me the creeps.

"Teddy, our daughter was sleeping in there. She doesn't any more.

"When she was getting old enough to speak, I said to her, 'Do you like the bedroom. Do you like the house?' and she said, 'I don't like that house'.

"I said, 'Why?' And she said, 'That room scares me'.

"I said, 'OK, it scares me too. You don't have to sleep there any more.'"