While the news normally constantly bombards us with the ills of the world, the injustices and atrocities, abuses and deaths, breaches of freedom and crimes of war, The Pride of Britain is a rare and welcome evening of celebration of all that is good in the face of evil. 

Jack Carroll was awarded with the Teenager of Courage award. He uses comedy to break down barriers and challenge attitudes towards cerebral palsy, a disability that he suffers with. Another recipient of the Teenager of Courage award was Alice Pyne who is responsible for 40,000 people signing up to the bone marrow register. She said "It was an incredible night and I felt really lucky to hear all the amazing stories behind the awards." 

While this show truly shows us how blessed the UK is with courageous and admirable citizens, one question still lingers though; why is it still the celebrities who are revered on the red carpet? Why is it their opinion that is sought out regarding the events of the evening? ...Why are they there? Well, for each of the winners that spoke to the Mirror it's clear that the celebs simply have a greater access to direct lines of influence. Natalia Aggiano who gave one of her kidneys to a complete stranger said "Alexandra [Burke] gave me her email address and said that she's going to do whatever she can to raise awareness about donating kidneys to strangers." Plus, celebrities also have that uncanny ability to really make the day of these incredibly noble teens. Alice said "[Robbie Williams] was wearing one of my pink charity wristbands and I tweeted a picture of him in it. Then he invited me to one of his concerts. I'm really excited about it." Pierce Brosnan, Holly Willoughby, Jamie Rednapp and Jon Bon Jovi were all in attendance to celebrate the amazing young Brits.