Once the golden boy of British pop, Robbie Williams had endured a strange few years. His latest offering, Take The Crown, featuring new single, Candy, has had some critics confused as to whether he was reclaiming it or relinquishing it: the crown. And that's what's had him up all night, reports RTE Ten.

"I'm more confident now that I'm No 1 but I've had some psoriasis-inducing worry about the album and about my place in pop culture and a few sleepless nights on the run-up to the release of this album," he explained to RTE Ten. "It's important to me that this album that I love and created gets embraced by a lot of people and it worries me that it might not because being successful is a lot of fun and getting to qualify for Europe with every album is intoxicating and win and I would like that to happen again."

Never away from the headlines, unless he's specifically hiding due to one of his strange escapades, Robbie's latest brush with controversy saw a number of charities peeved with him for 'hitting' an elderly lady in a music video. And recently, the star has been embroiled in controversy with Radio 1 - the BBC's flagship radio show, with the biggest listenership in the U.K, deem his music "irrelevant" to today's younger audience. Ouch. He probably won't be too hot with the O.A.P's either.