Looks as though we weren’t the only ones struggling to keep our eyes open during last weeks Brit Awards. Robbie Williams just posted a new song on his website that he’d written with Guy Chambers on the Saturday and recorded on the Sunday that definitely agrees with us. Not-so-subtly entitled ‘The Brits 2013,’ the song is a not-so-subtle attack on the boring awards ceremony that Williams had performed at just days earlier. Just as a side note here, we don’t remember Robbie doing very much to liven up this year’s Brits, himself, but perhaps he felt that should have been down to the younger contingent. 

Robbie Williams

After all, Robbie’s knocking on 40 now and the heady days of the 1990s are behind him (Or at least, we hope they are, given that he’s just had his first baby with partner Aida). That hasn’t stopped him singing about them in his new song, possibly by means of some sort of instruction manual for young pop wannabes that are too under the thumb of their record label executives. At one point, Robbie even compares the awards night to a VD clinic, saying that only “pr*cks are in it.”

In case you’re thinking of digging the song out to play to your children, we wouldn’t. This song is very much of the ‘NSFW’ variety. Robbie’s done his bit for rock ‘n’ roll debauchery. We’re all looking to you now, Harry Styles.