Robbie Williams, David Beckham, Princess Diana, and a few people actually deserving of the honour, have all been included in a 150-strong shortlist of potential replacements for Charles Darwin on the back of the £10 note.

The Bank Of England has released a list of more than 150 great Britons that have been suggested by members of the public for the honour when the new notes are printed. Currently, the Bank of England £10 notes are Series E, but are due to be replaced with the new Series F notes next year, which means a change to the person on the back of the note too.

Whilst the thought of having someone like Becks or Robbie on the English currency may have caused a series of face-palms to occur up and down the country, fortunately it is looking as though someone of genuine historic significance may take the honour instead. Phew!

Amongst the more serious contenders set to decorated the £10 note are William Shakespeare, Sir Winston Churchill, all the members of The Beatles and Geoffrey Chaucer amongst the top contenders to take over from Darwin. However Alan Turing, the Second World War Enigma codebreaker, is currently looking like the front-runner to grace the note with his presence, after an online petition calling for his achievements to be recognised managed to muster over 25,000 signatures so far, with the number fast increasing.

Whatever the outcome, just be thankful that nobody from Geordie Shore or TOWIE made it onto the shortlist... this time.