Robbie Williams has an ''addiction'' to playing golf online.

The 'Let Me Entertain You' hitmaker - who had previously battled with drug and alcohol addictions - has confessed he has an addictive personality and his new favourite ''habit'' is playing online games of golf every night.

Speaking to Weight Watchers magazine, he said: ''This is something I was explaining to my wife Ayda. My addictions will manifest every day. So when I wasn't sleeping last night, I was playing golf online. It's something I look forward to when the kids have gone to bed. It's basically me having my two glasses of red wine.''

Meanwhile, Robbie - who has been sober since 2007 - previously admitted he finds his food addiction harder to control than drugs and alcohol dependency.

The 'Angels' hitmaker explained: ''When you get rid of absolutely everything else, it becomes the last obstacle to ­overcome. It is a constant. Because if you've stopped doing coke, you don't see coke.I don't seek it, so I don't see it.

''If I don't want to drink, I don't have to drink. I don't have to go to the pub. I don't have to go to the club. And that's all right. I'm fine with that. ''

And Robbie - who has Teddy, seven, Charlton, five, Colette, 20 months, and Beau, three months, with his wife Ayda Williams - explained how his food addiction is ''different'' because, unlike drugs and alcohol, everyone needs to eat.

He added: ''But with food, you have to eat it. So you are constantly ­triggered in some way with some form of self-abuse that you have to consume to be alive. It's different from sex, coke and booze addiction, because you don't have to have those things.''I'm like a pack of Pringles, I am. Once I pop, I cannot stop.''