Robbie Williams has come in for some stick online after being snapped looking rather disgusted and using hand sanitiser after greeting fans during a New Year’s Eve concert.

The 42 year former Take That singer was performing an intimate gig on December 31st at Westminster’s Central Hall that was televised nationally as ‘Robbie Rocks Big Ben Live’ on the BBC, when he decided to jump into the crowd to perform Auld Lang Syne as the clocks struck midnight and fireworks went off.

However, he immediately appeared to have regretted doing so, and was filmed grimacing as he applied anti-bacterial hand sanitiser after he’d climbed back on stage.

Soon, rather predictably, the image started to go viral and become a meme, as 2017 got off to a great start for internet pranksters. “Robbie Williams sanitising his hand after touching the public is the most hysterical start to a new year ever. The year of memes commences,” was one comment.

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“Robbie Williams pulling out the hand gel after doing Auld Lang Syne with the public has been my highlight of 2017 so far,” wrote another viewer, with another saying “Robbie Williams and the anti-bac has already defined 2017.”

Nobody was quite sure whether Williams, ever the cheeky chappie while performing live, was pulling the rather hilarious face as a joke. While some praised him for being health-conscious, many others decided to see the funny side.

“Robbie Williams using hand sanitizer after touching Muggles in the audience was definitely my NYE and twitter highlight,"”joked one fan, while another said: “I don't know what's funnier that @robbiewilliams the great party animal cleaned his hands onstage or that he had hand gel with him.”

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