There’s nothing like the sage voice of experience to stop your party in its tracks, and poor Justin Bieber must be quaking in his perfectly formed feet right now after having some sobering advice dished out to him by none other than sometime Take That man and ego at-large, Robbie Williams.

Williams of course quit Take That – then the biggest boy band in the world – in 1995 and embarked on a mad couple of years of drink, drugs and debauchery which some would argue he’s never really recovered from, in spite of repeated trips to rehab. Now 39 years-old, Williams speaks with the voice of the man whose seen and done it all, and he told The Sun that he can easily see young Biebs suffering the same pitfalls of fame as he himself did. “There is a list longer than my arm of f***-ups” Williams told the paper, before continuing a rather swear-heavy diatribe by adding “It’s inevitable that someone like Justin Bieber will hit a hard time. You hear about everybody going, ‘You’re sh**’. And you go ‘f***, I’m sh**, I’d better go and do something else’. And it gets to you.”

Bieber’s indiscretions have been creeping up in the past year or so, with bouts of dangerous driving, reports of fisticuffs with the paparazzi, alleged dope smoking and an on-off relationship with now believed to-be ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez all being clocked up. But he’s a long way off dancing at the side of the stage at Glastonbury with pupils like pins, we reckon, so lay off the doom-mongering eh, Robster?

Robbie Williams outside Grosvenor Hotel

Robbie Williams, off to pour cold water on another budding pop star? Or just off to his hotel?