Mental illness has proved on multiple occasions that it doesn't discriminate, and Robbie Williams has confessed that he has had his own daily struggles with it for a number of years - since his early twenties in fact. Those struggles range from stage fright to anxiety about his weight and other areas of his life.

Robbie Williams outside BBC Radio 2 studiosRobbie Williams outside BBC Radio 2 studios

Currently on his The Heavy Entertainment Show tour, the former Take That star is constantly worried about the effects of his self-destructive personality, concerned that his mental state will lead him down the same route as many troubled celebrities.

'Fortunately and unfortunately, left to my own devices, I'm inclined to sabotage everything', he told The Sun. 'I've got a disease that wants to kill me and it's in my head, so I have to guard against that.'

'Sometimes it overwhelms me and sometimes it's a tool I need to get on stage', he continues. 'Sometimes I live in bliss and it's wonderful. But most of the time I'm human - having a human experience, trying to deal with the trials and tribulations of what goes on between my ears.'

The 44-year-old found himself comparing his own illness to that of fellow popstar George Michael, who died of an overdose on Christmas Day in 2016. 'The things I've put myself through, I've been close to... It's like, 'By the grace of God go I'. It's been so close so many times', he says. 'It's been a very similar roller-coaster, yes. And I miss George Michael, I wish he was here.'

As much as thoughts of suicide have plagued him throughout the decades, his health scare a year ago when doctors found abnormalities on his brain have made him significantly reassess his life. 'It gave me a real scare, because I've been in some dark places before - but back then I was 23, 27 or 32', he explain.

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'Once you've been on the planet for 43 years, you realise that - even if you've got everything that I have - you're not invincible. So from now on I'm going to look after myself a lot more carefully.'