There’ve been a few dissenting voices about BBC Radio One’s aggressive move to attract younger audiences, but few have been as vocal as Robbie Williams last night, who took his opportunity while on stage at the Sony Radio Academy Awards to lay into Nick Grimshaw and the station in general.

Williams is aggrieved that Radio One have allegedly stopped playing his music because they deemed the 39 year-old too old for their audiences, and he took his frustrations out last night, according to The Sun. “I did the Brits and started singing, ‘Hey-ho, here we go’ to a bunch of industry people and they were all just like, ‘F*** off, you’re fat and you’re old. And Radio 1 don’t play you no more – you’re fat and you’re old’ Williams ranted during his set. He then looked at Grimshaw and said: “Isn’t that right Nick, you b******?”

Continuing his tirade later on in the set after performing his single ‘Candy,’ he said “That’s Candy. How four-year-old do you want it, Radio 1?” before getting right up close to Radio One’s breakfast show host and putting a piece of chewing gum in his mouth, commenting: “Those aren’t drugs by the way. Nah, Radio 1’s not something that keeps me up at night, not at all. They’ve let me back on anyway with DIZZEE RASCAL, so thanks for that, Radio 1.” Bitter much?

Robbie Williams
Robbie Williams doesn't like Radio One very much at the moment