Former Take That star and rumoured new X Factor judge Robbie Williams has opened up about his health and revealed he thinks he may have Asperger's Syndrome or registers on the autistic spectrum. The Let Me Entertain You singer - who performed the hit in Russia to open the current World Cup - has, in the past, revealed his struggles with depression, anxiety and addiction.

Robbie WilliamsRobbie Williams has opened up about his health struggles

In a recent interview with BBC Radio 2, the dad-of-two said he feels something "is missing" inside him and put it down to the possibility of the two conditions. He also revealed he felt it was quite "hard work" being in his head at times.

He said: "There's something missing in me, I have big blind spots.

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"Maybe Asperger's or autism. I don't know what spectrum I'm on - I'm on something... It's quite hard work being in my head - I have an interesting compulsion, addiction, mental illness, I'd say."

The 44-year-old also revealed that some days he struggles to get out of bed and he doesn't know why, and he has a compulsion to Google himself and read the negative comments.

"Day-to-day, things change. I do the same things as the day before, but today's a different day and I don't know why it's difficult to get out of bed. It's just who I am," he explained.

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"What is interesting is my compulsion... to go and seek bad stuff about myself. I'm addicted to the rush... to going, 'I'm an idiot. I can't sing. That song was bad.' It's a curse and a blessing because it propels me forward and has made me the person I am today."

The star did reveal he has become a much calmer version of himself since his marriage to American actress Ayda Field and the birth of his two children, daughter Teddy, five, and son, Charlton, three.