Robbie Williams pleaded with Ed Sheeran to send him a track for his forthcoming album.

The 42-year-old singer songwriter has admitted he bombarded the flame-haired musician with emails as ''one last hope'', because he feared he didn't have enough ''hits'' on his comeback LP ' Heavy Entertainment Show'.

The 'Rock DJ' hitmaker told The Sun newspaper: ''[I thought] days are running out for the album, 'Have I got enough hits? Are there enough hits? I've got Ed Sheeran's email. I'll send him an email and see what happens. One last hope.''

Lucking the 25 year old sent over a song he had penned, which was inspired with the hit film starring Julia Roberts 'Pretty Woman'.

He explained: ''[I wrote,] 'Dear Ed, Robbie Williams here. Do you have any spare hits?' And he sent me this song about 'Pretty Woman'. I added a chorus and I think the song is fully formed.''

And Robbie is ''honoured'' Ed agreed to help him out.

He said: ''I'm honoured that he said yes and I'm honoured that I get to be in Ed's thoughts. You can't not be a fan of Ed.

''He's a phenomena. And also the nicest guy. He's incredibly talented.''