Robbie Williams once stood on Mark Owen's head on stage.

Robbie, 46, admitted that the height difference between him and Mark, 48, sometimes led to trouble in their Take That days and he once trod on Mark's head during a performance.

According to the Daily Star, Robbie said: ''There is a riser that comes up off the stage and he stepped down.

''I had goggles on as it was part of the uniform and I was walking about and I thought, 'That does not feel right' and I looked down and I was balancing on the top of his head. I did the whole of 'Back For Good' on the top of Mark Owen's head.''

Although Mark is 5ft 5in and Robbie is 6ft 1in, Robbie joked: ''I am 4.5ft taller than the next member of Take That and 6.2ft taller than Mark Owen.''

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed that Robbie has been penning new Take That music with Gary Barlow.

Robbie said: ''I've been writing some songs with Gary Barlow in the last few weeks, too.

''Yeah, so, you know, we will ride again, me and my brothers. I don't know when that's going to be but we will ride again.

''The songs I'm writing are more mature than what I usually do. Whatever I do and whoever I do it with it will be unexpected.''

The 'Angels' singer - who first quit the band in 1995 to launch a successful solo career, before reuniting with them from 2010 until 2012 - last appeared on Take That's 2010 LP 'Progress'.