Robbie Williams wants to collaborate with Wet Leg.

The 48-year-old star is a huge fan of the 'Chaise Longue' hitmakers but is worried they would not want to work on new music with him because of his age.

Speaking on Italian radio, Robbie said: "I like this band called Wet Leg. I’d really like to work with them. I don’t know if they’d like to work with me."

Robbie, who released the album 'XXV' earlier this year, also revealed that he has big plans for 2023 that do not include music.

He said: "My long-term goals are many and varied. I want to build a hotel. I want to start a chain of stores. I’ve got some clothing that I’m going to be doing.

"I’ve written a TV show . . .  There’s the film coming out. I’m so busy but I’m super-grateful these things keep happening to me."

Meanwhile, Robbie recently defended his decision to perform in Qatar during the World Cup, despite the international community's criticism of the country's ban on homosexuality.

He said: "Of course, I don't condone any abuses of human rights anywhere.

"That being said, if we're not condoning human rights abuses anywhere, then it would be the shortest tour the world has ever known. I wouldn't even be able to perform in my own kitchen.

"Anybody leaving messages saying 'no to Qatar' are doing so on Chinese technology. It would be hypocritical of me to not go [to Qatar] because of the places that I do go to.

"I think that the hypocrisy there is that if we take that case in this place, we need to apply that unilaterally to the world. .. Then if we apply that unilaterally to the world, nobody can go anywhere."