Robbie Williams has admitted that he would have cheated on his wife, Ayda Field, by now, if he were still under the influence of Alcohol. 

In a candid interview with The Metro, the former Take That star, who had his troubles with narcotics during his solo career, admitted, "It's a hundred times easier when you don't drink, and I don't drink. If I drank, we'd literally be f****d. If I drank, I could not keep it in my trousers at all." Robbie, who carved out the status of family favourite during his solo turn, which included the smash hit Angels, made sure to disgust most people by saying "You know like on anniversaries women expect you to get them flowers and things?" Robbie queried, "I think every f*****g night you haven't stuck your c**k in someone else, you should be given a gold ring" Now, whilst it seems obvious to nearly everyone that you shouldn't be rewarded for being bad, Robbie has managed it throughout his career. Nah, we're only joking, sort of.

Williams still finds it hard to stay monogamous, and finds it weird. "I haven't missed playing around, but I'm still a guy. This will be an on-going project. Feels unnatural, you know, but so far so good," he continued in the interview. "I'm more relaxed, I'm calm, happier. And then you think, 'I really want to f**k that up by doing something really stupid'". Well, Robbie, keep giving interviews like this and you might not have to sleep around to "f**k" things up.