2012 is fast becoming a fantastic year for comic book fans. The highly anticipated big-screen adaptation of The Avengers is just one of several blockbuster movies set to hit cinema screens across the globe this year and tomorrow (May 5, 2012) the world of comic book heroes will be celebrated further with Free Comic Book Day.
Tomorrow will mark the 10th anniversary of Free Comic Book day, which encourages comic book lovers to get down to their local store and grab a range of comic books that will be made available for free. This year, it just so happens that the hype of Free Comic Book Day also coincides with the U.S. release of The Avengers, starring Robert Downey Jr. The movie, from Marvel Studios, is an adaptation of their comic book series of the same name and is the first of the Marvel Studios movies to bring together a whole host of their Avengers heroes and heroines, in one ambitious blockbuster. With the combination of the movie release and the comic book giveaway, this weekend is shaping up to be a serious treat for comic fans.
2012 will also see The Amazing Spider-Man hitting cinema screens in July 2012, with Andrew Garfield in the title role, alongside Emma Stone and Rhys Ifans. And hot on Spidey's heels will be the release of the latest Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, with Christian Bale reprising his role, opposite Anne Hathaway and JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT.