It looks like Robert Downey Jr, the Golden Globe winning actor, has finally found a lead actress to star alongside him in the new movie 'Gravity'. A part in the outer-space thriller, currently scheduled for release in 2011, was offered to Natalie Portman, but the actress turned it down citing scheduling conflicts, reports the Press Association.
However, Sandra Bullock, the Oscar winning star of 'The Blind Side', is reportedly in talks with Warner Brothers about appearing opposite Downey Jr in the Alfonso Cuaron movie. The big-budget film will be released in 3D and tells the story of two astronauts fighting to stay alive on a remote space station.
It has been reported that Angelina Jolie had previously considered the role, and the Press Association report that Naomi Watts, Carey Mulligan, Sienna Miller, Rebecca Hall, and Blake Lively were all on the wish-list for the female lead. Filming for the movie will begin once Downey Jr completes work on Guy Ritchie'S currently untitled sequel to the 'Sherlock Holmes' movie, which also stars Jude Law,Stephen Fry, and will be released on 16th December 2011.