Marvel fans may be disappointed with Robert Downey Jr.'s recent revelation. It seems Tony Stark will only be seen as one of the 'Avengers' for the foreseeable future as the 49 year-old actor recently claimed a fourth 'Iron Man' film isn't happening.

Tony Stark
Downey as Tony Stark in 'Iron Man 3'

"There isn't one in the pipe," he told Variety at the Toronto International Film Festival. "No, there's no plan for a fourth Iron Man."

Downey, who was at the festival promoting his new film 'The Judge,' is currently signed with Marvel Studios and Disney for two more 'Avengers' movies that are set for release next year and in 2018, so this could be the last time he will portray a superhero.

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When asked if her would "let" anybody else tackle the Tony Stark role, the 'Sherlock Holmes' actor replied, "I like that the idea is that it would be up to me, like I'm casting director for Marvel." His 'Judge' co-star Robert Duvall also said, "Don't give it to anybody else."

One reason why Downey may be reluctant to sign on for another instalment of the 'Iron Man' film series is because he will become a father once again in the not too distant future. The talented actor announced in July that he and his wife of nearly nine years, Susan, are expecting a baby daughter together.

News first broke of the pregnancy after Downey took to Twitter to address to his longtime love, tweeting, "Yo. Susan. Me. Baby. Girl. November. Scorpio?"

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The elated star also took to Facebook to send a personal message to all his fans. "Um. I don't know if it's a "man's world", but I'm certain women run it," he posted. "Susan and I are therefore delighted to announce we are expecting a baby. Girl. November. Rdj."

'The Avengers: Age Of Ultron' will hit theatres on May 1st, 2015.