Ever since he became the cinematic embodiment of Iron Man, life has been pretty good to Robert Downey Jr. Now, for the second year running, the actor's been named Forbes’s highest Hollywood earner after raking in $75 million this year. Of course things weren't always so great for the future Tony Stark. Just over 10 years ago Robert was well on his way to becoming a Hollywood tragedy, thanks to his drug addiction and numerous arrests,before he finally managed to turn his life around. But even during his darker period we always knew Robert was special, even if he has fallen victim to a few big screen duds in his career. Need some reminding? Here’s our list of some of the movies we think Robert would rather forget about (interestingly, he has admitted he can't remember some of them.)

robert downey jrRobert Downey Jr, a very wealthy man thanks to Marvel


On paper, Robert Downey Jr and Halley Berry sounds like an interesting combination, on screen it was actually pretty boring. Gothika sadly turned out to be a great example of how sometimes a script is so bad it kills all of its star’s charisma. Neither Downey nor Berry could do anything to save this one which holds a very embarrassing 15% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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Johnny B Good

In Johnny B Good poor Robert is left playing the part of the nerdy 80s sidekick, a role which usually belongs to Anthony Michael Hall. Problem is, Hall had already been cast, as the jock and yes it was all as ridiculous as it sounds. Thanks to its bad jokes and slapstick humour Johnny B Good earned a very bad zero rating on Rotten Tomatoes, meaning it’s pretty much officially Downey’s worst movie.

The Singing Detective

This was meant to be Downey’s big screen comeback, but luckily for the actor better projects than this would soon be coming his way. Based on the stories by Dennis Potter and produced by Mel Gibson, The Singing Detective failed to connect with audiences despite having an interesting concept and Downey’s best acting efforts.

U.S. Marshals

Downey himself called this 1998 offering “possibly the worst action movie of all time”, while also saying he didn’t remember anything about the filming expect tat they were “running around and pretending like we could ever hold a candle to The Fugitive.” Here Downey stars alongside Tommy Lee Jones as an untrustworthy special agent trying to hunt down Wesley Snipes, it might not be the worst action movie ever, but yes it is pretty bad.

Danger Zone

Another best forgotten Downey action flick is Danger Zone which also stars Billy Zane. In short, avoid this one at all costs, even if you made it through US Marshals.

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