Robert Pattinson wouldn't rule out another franchise.

The 31-year-old actor found worldwide fame as vampire Edward Cullen in the 'Twilight Saga' movies and although he has previously complained about being uncomfortable with the fame it brought, he insisted that he had a "great time" making the films and would be happy to work on another series of movies.

Deadline reports that Robert said at the Berlin International Film Festival: "I've not had a bad experience on any film I've done, maybe one. The only reason I'm a little cautious about big franchise films is that you can't make them R rated. If you have a big budget, there's more people on you to do it a [specific] way or you're fired. If you keep a budget contained, if people think they can get their money back, you can experiment more.

"People were scared when the streaming services came out, but, to me, it seems there'' a second wave. There's a bunch of new studios, mid-budget filmmaking is coming back and it's great."

Robert is currently starring in new movie 'Damsel' and said he chose it because he rarely gets the chance to act in comedies.

He said: "There aren't that many western comedies. In terms of the comedies, it's tough to find one that has an interesting character, you're usually playing for laughs. There's such a stable of comedy actors and I'm not seen as a comedy actor so it will always go to a bunch of people before me. I found it so strange and felt like abstract version of a comedy and it appealed to me in the same way as a drama. It was really fun to play, it has an odd tone, so it was fun to try and figure out how to fit into it."