Review of Lullaby and. The Ceaseless Roar Album by Robert Plant

'Lullaby and. The Ceaseless Roar' is Robert Plant's tenth solo project, which this time sees him bring in a few friends known to recent fans as The Sensational Space Shifters. His frequent experimentations are obvious from all his solo ventures; he's not one to be stuck in a genre and this time he's gleaned inspiration from an African trance style mixed with his old Led Zeppelin days.

Robert Plant Lullaby and. The Ceaseless Roar Album

Plant's vocals are spine tingling all the way through 'Lullaby and. The Ceaseless Roar' and it's clear he really has captured the whole moment of his album. 'Embrace Another Fall' is just mesmerising, with guest vocals and music that you would expect to hear from 'War of the Worlds'.

'Turn It Up' is definitely one of the stand out tracks; it's great to hear a good guitar riff blasting out every now and then and in this it is pure brilliance. 'House Of Love' is a beautiful melodic piece that captures the whole album; if you asked me to describe the album then 'House Of Love' will tell you all you need to know.

When you listen to 'Lullaby and. The Ceaseless Roar', you get the sense that this album was recorded for a live show and not for a record, the rawness of the songs giving them an extra edge and vulnerability about them.

Sometimes it's sad to see an artist trying to hold on to their past successes and release music like that, luckily for Robert Plant he has evolved and understands where he is in his life. Instead of trying to create Led Zeppelin style songs, he has just gone and created what he feels suits him at this specific time. You can only congratulate that man for that.


Mark Moore

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