Robert Plant is grateful to Phil Collins for helping him launch a solo career after the end of Led Zeppelin.

The 74-year-old singer admits he "floundered" after the death of drummer John Bonham in September 1980 prompted the band to part ways - and Robert insists he was finally able to get his musical dreams back on track with the help of Genesis star Phil who played drums on debut solo album 'Pictures at Eleven'.

Robert told "After John passed away and there was no Led Zeppelin, there had to be a way to go. I floundered around a lot because until I was 32, I was in some kind of wild and absurd adventure. I went through all that stuff ... I have a lot of songs under my belt, which I co-wrote with the members of Zeppelin. It was a lot to live up to. I had a lot of people who gave me support and strength around that time, so I suppose the first two albums were driven by great friends."

He went on to name Phil - who drummed on five songs on 'Pictures at Eleven' - with giving him the support and motivation to move the project forward.

Robert added: "Phil Collins especially was a driving force and had positive energy with the first record, 'Pictures at Eleven'. It wasn’t a difficult job to get together with other people, it was just whether or not we could cook it properly. With Phil, it wasn’t so much advice as encouragement and consideration. He was taking no prisoners ...

"He said, 'Anything I can do to help you to get back into fighting shape again, I’m here'. That was at the time when 'In the Air Tonight' came out. Yet he was still mixing and working with me while kicking off a particularly impressive and successful time. He’s a great spirit, a good man."